Sunday, July 1, 2007

Olszewski Resale Market

Robert Olszewski provided great insights into the Olszewski Resale Market found in his article "Insights into the Olszewski Resale Market" which was published on the Olszewski Studios website. What are your thoughts and comments about the article and Olszewski's thoughts about the Olszewski Resale Market (AKA Secondary Market)?


Carol said...

What a great article! I wish I could find some "bargains" once in awhile. My grand daughter and I started collecting your pcs last year and have since turned one room in my home into our "Disney" room with easily 95%+ being Olszewski pcs. Don't know what I would do without eBay! Olszewski is a permanent "favorite search" on eBay and I get emails daily of new listings. Great way to see early pcs that aren't related to Disney. Congratulations on 30 yrs of miniature marvels. Hope I can afford the next 30 yrs worth of creations. Wouldn't think of selling any of our personal pcs regardless of value.

The Brother said...

Carol: Thanks for the comments and for sharing your enthusiasm for your Olszewski Collection.