Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Main Street Platform Assistance Forum

At the suggestion by one of the Platform collectors, Olszewski Studios has established a forum where collectors can exchange information about their experiences in setting up their Olszewski Disneyland Main Street, U.S.A. Platform. The purpose is to facilitate helping others so everyone's adventure in "Bringing the Magic to their home" is fun and achieves their having a complete and functioning Disneyland Main Street, U.S.A. Collection. By posting your questions and comments on the forum, responses will be provided by members of the Olszewski Studios staff and other collectors who have experienced similar issues and suggestions as to how they resolved their adventures. The Blog Title above links to the Electrical Light Kit installation instructions prepared by Travis Tokuyama and Bob Olszewski. Those instructions also includes a one-page set of instructions for removing the base from the Disneyland Marquee Sign for placement in the Platform. Visitors to our web site can find other "instructions" by typing that key word in the search engine provided.